Sunday, June 10, 2007

Photography School- Choose The Right School

Thanks to the revolution in digital photography, the industry is growing quickly, photographers are more in demand than ever before and some very specialized fields of study are facing shortages, while other fields are extremely competitive. The key is to choose the right specialty and then a photography school to prepare you for your field of study...

By Brandon Baumgarten

Why go to school for photography can't you just freelance? Well, you could. But a degree from photography school opens up opportunities that would be out of reach without a formal education.

You have the opportunity to learn the occupational skills necessary to become a professional photographer. You'll also make contacts that help your career as a professional photographer. In fact many photography schools have placement programs to assist graduates connect with employers after they graduate. Plus, photographers attending college, can enhance their future resume by completing an internship with a major newspaper or magazine during the summer months.

There are many things to consider prior to selecting the school you will attend.

  • Choose a field of study- Thoroughly research each field of study, to get a feel for which one is best for you. By narrowing down your field of photographic study, to the job profiles you are most interested in pursuing when you graduate. You can concentrate on learning the occupational competencies for your specialty.
  • What is the demand for your field of study? In some specialized fields of photography photographers are really in demand. For example medical and scientific photographers with a chemistry degree or degree in medicine are highly sought after right now. Other fields like media photographer jobs are much more competitive.

  • School Location- The location of the photography school is an important factor. If the schools are not nearby, consider the cost of living in the area. Search CraigsList to get an idea of rent cost, job availability etc. If moving to another location is not feasible, community colleges and online classes are a popular option.
  • Tuition Cost- The cost of tuition while attending photography school can play a major role in your ultimate decision. Research scholarships and financial aid that may be available. Keep in mind that a good education isn't expensive, it's invaluable.

  • Read school reviews- When choosing the right school from your top picks, do some research for objective reviews of the institution and it's staff.
Request information from each photography school you are considering attending and maybe even a few more just for reference purposes. Most schools will send you a free no-obligation information package. Compare programs for the schools that match your goals and narrow the list down to two or three that provide the curriculum required for your field of study.

Narrow your choice of photography schools down to two or three that match your field of study. Now go check them out! There is no substitute for visiting the school in person. You can meet with the faculty, inspect the facility and get a feel for the local community.

Find out more about choosing a field of study and compare online and campus based photography schools for the program that best fits your field of study.

Brandon is a professional digital photographer from Lake Tahoe, California. Brandon specializes in on-mountain action and portrait sports photography during the winter months, photographing skiers and snowboarders on the slopes. Brandon also has a digital photography website which is full of excellent tips and techniques.

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